Farm Table


The Farm Table at Planet Wine
A Special Place for Special Occasions

The Farm Table at Planet Wine offers guests a special farm-to-table dining experience within the private setting of our small neighborhood wine shop. With seating for up to 14, parties are invited to reserve the table for a sumptuous, yet relaxed and informal evening of food and wine hosted by Evening Star Cafe and Planet Wine.

Farm Table menus will change to reflect the seasonal offerings of our favorite local farms and purveyors. Furthermore, the menus for the Farm Table will be crafted to showcase the purity, provenance and exceptional quality of ingredients, rather than fanciful techniques. This soulful approach, we believe, will set the tone for deceptively simple, wine-friendly dishes that fit the intimate, convivial nature of the space. Given that guests will also be literally surrounded by bottles, in every imaginable style and price range, the Farm Table is uniquely suited to wine lovers of every stripe.

For questions or to reserve the table, please contact our Events Manager at